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About Us


         At St. Patrick Preschool, we provide a creative, relaxed, and enriched environment where young children can work, play and discover. We aim to provide opportunities that strengthen each child's cognitive, physical, social/emotional, and spiritual growth. By creating a loving, supportive, and Christian environment, we hope to foster a love of God and a love of learning in all of our students.

         We are an established half day preschool program, that provides each child with a safe, loving, and enriched learning environment. We teach children ages two, three, and four in preparation for early learning and school readiness. Our students are taught using a modified Abeka Curriculum for language development, phonics, numerals, and art skills. We value individual creativity and expression so all classes have art and music twice a week. Our Religion Program teaches faith through stories of God's love. Children are able to easily connect God's love, as depicted in the Bible, to their everyday lives.

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